The following list, first compiled on Oct. 24, 2012, is an attempt to catalog and present the numerous online resources concerning video synthesis in an organized manner. New links are added periodically. If you are the owner of a site linked to from this page and would like to have the description changed or the link removed, don’t hesitate to contact me.


The Daniel Langlois Foundation – Based in Montreal, QC, the Daniel Langlois Foundation has a large media art archive, with a number of collections specifically relating to video synthesis. See for example their collections on Jean-Pierre Boyer, Steina and Woody Vasulka, the Sandin Image Processor and the Rutt/Etra Scan Processor. Also notable is Mona Jimenez’s Artist Instrumentation Database Project, which contains info on the Sandin IP and Rutt/Etra.

The Scanimate Site – Dave Sieg’s site on the Scanimate, “the first commercially successful electronic animation computer.”   Lots of photo and video documentation, both of works produced on the Scanimate and of the device itself.

Steina and Woody Vasulka – Homepage of these influential video experimentalists.

Experimental Television Center -Sadly closed now, the ETC was home to many video instruments, including a large collection of devices built by Dave Jones. Lots of great material in the Video History Project pages. The Tools page is of particular interest.

Video Synthesizers Homage Page – An excellent historical overview of video synths. Lots of primary sources, interviews with developers and links.

DIAMOND VARIATIONS – Maintained by Sabrina Ratté, a video artist from Montréal QC, this blog is regularly updated with archival recordings of video synthesis works as well as Ratté’s own video projects.

Bill Etra – One of the two creators of the Rutt/Etra Scan Processor. Unfortunately not much info here.

Daniel J. Sandin – Inventor of the Sandin Image Processor, now Director Emeritus at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Karl Klomp – Prolific circuit bender of video processing equipment.

Steve Beck – Analog video pioneer, engineer and inventor responsible for the Beck Direct Video Synthesizer, among many other things.

VIDEO CIRCUITS – “a blog for and about electronic video artists.” Schematics, photo and video documentation, texts and interviews, tons of links.


Synkie – “The Synkie is a modular open source analog video processor, developed byMichael Egger, Flo Kaufmann and Max Egger.” A very exciting project, amenable to DIY efforts! Make sure to check out the schematic and circuit board files available in their SVN repository. You’ll need CadSoft’s EAGLE PCB design software to open the files.

Video Basics – This tutorial from Maxim is a good outline of how video signals work.


LZX Industries – produces a Eurorack modular video synth. The system is growing rapidly, with new modules constantly being added. Their documentation contains good general resources on video synthesis, as well as an increasing amount of helpful info for DIY builders, including schematics. See also their excellent YouTube channel.

Jones Modular Video Synthesizers – Dave Jones has been building video equipment for years. In addition to his line of professional video hardware, Jones has recently begun to release video synth modules.

Gijs Gieskes’ Souvenir Shop – Various video instruments for sale.

Video Synthesis forum at Muff’s Modules and More – A very active community. Frequent topics include use of commercial systems, DIY and hacking as well as historical and contemporary art/things made with video synths.

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